*New Route to Avatar*

The road has been barricaded from Gauri Khan store to Raheja College / Santacruz Baan signal on both sides for indefinite period by the BMC. The reason stated is that the bridge is weak and can cause severe damages to people if it collapses.

*The solution* For those of us, who are coming from the station, Khar / Bandra or south Mumbai - will need to get down at the (Raheja College) signal and walk 240 mtrs or go around Juhu Chowpati / Beach Road and come to the church building.

Option 1:

For those who are using public transport / auto's / ubers, please be mindful of getting down and taking the walk from the signal. To be precise, it's 240 meters in distance and only *3 minutes* of walk from the signal to the church building.

Option 2:

For those who are driving down, please be mindful of the new route. Our valet services will be here to park your cars below the church building.

Kindly be mindful and plan accordingly while coming to the church on Sundays.

We will keep you updated in case an alternative route opens up.

On behalf of the BMC, we're sorry for the inconvenience folks!