O R I G I N 
plural noun: origins
- the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived

Welcome to our new series and welcome to Genesis - the first book in the Bible!

The purpose of this series is orienting ourselves- our place in the human story by going to the beginning. In Genesis, we see the interrelationship between human and the divine that speaks the truths that are real to all people. 
With this expository series, we hope to understand both our role as individuals who are made in the image of God, who are given the cultural mandate of bringing “order” into “chaos” and who are called to live in the new beginnings - the promise of the resurrection.

In short, through this series, we are trying to answer questions such as :-
– What’s the story with humanity as a whole and what’s God’s ultimate design for human culture?
- How does your personal story fit here and what can you personally learn about yourself in Genesis?
- What is our role in God’s story and how exactly are we supposed to go about doing it?

We are really excited about this and look forward to having you join us on Sundays at 11 am