Have you ever found yourself in places that seem unfamiliar, environments you weren’t prepared for, situations that took you by surprise?
In these terrains we feel the pinch of isolation, we long for the comforting voices of friends and family and search for approval but stumble upon doubts and disappointments instead. Some shut down while for others the survival instinct takes over. We start to build a shelter or look for security in things within us but then loneliness creeps in and brings in more fear and we grow frustrated with our lack of control.

If you can recall any 2 or more of these emotions then you, my friend, have found yourself INTO THE WILD.

So then, is wild a bad thing? 
The bible has many instances when people and even Jesus was led into the wilderness. Surely, there is a purpose behind it.
What Does God have to say to us? Is there hope? Will you survive this? And how we can participate in the beautiful exchange that God’s calling us to, where we trade our fear for the unknown with a sense of adventure.

Join us for a day of worship, fun, dancing, teaching and conversations- all with a bit of wild, as we explore this and more on 23rd of February, when the ladies retreat and GO INTO THE WILD.🦚🦜🌼🏞️⚡

There is something for everyone!

Registration are now open!
Please message us here to book your spot!

See you on 23rd February- 2 PM