Every single one of us is called by God to help other people love God, people and creation.

The paradox is that even when we say it’s a simple gospel and it’s a simple call, the truth is - it’s often not. That’s because in the complicated catastrophe of the fall, the out workings of this simple call is often so, so difficult to negotiate. So we say, “It can’t be that simple.” The truth is - it is…. And it’s not. If it was so easy to do, then we would be doing it. But the heart of the series is to remind people what’s at the core of the Christ-centered life.

When there’s a simple call to orient ourselves around, we can cut through the complexity of life and remember who we fundamentally are and what we are fundamentally called to do.

How exactly do we help other people love God, people and creation?

Simply put, that’s what this series is about- Helping us help others.
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