A new Series!

The Gospel of John begins with these profoundly strange and mysterious words: “In the beginning was the Word.”

With an unusual choice of words, John was pointing to this reality that Jesus is, well, the Word of God incarnate. Scripture calls Jesus the Beginning and the End. He is the First Word and He is the Final Word. 

All of us have a lot of opinions about a lot of different things. We have opinions about people, places and ideas. We have opinions as to what people should believe or not believe. The world sells all sorts of narratives that we’re expected to buy into. We’re expected to buy into other people’s narratives of everything from success, family and career to body image, relationships and dating. Everyone’s got an opinion.

As we explore the day of Jesus’s death over the next month and a half, we’re going to see what He has to say about us. Jesus has the last laugh, the Final Word over us. And what He has to say about you might profoundly surprise you.

See you on Sundays at 11 am!