Are you at peace? 
Would you describe your everyday experience as “peaceful”? Most of us living in Mumbai would probably say no. We’ve got way too much to do, way too many places to be, way too many people to meet and way too many tasks to cross off the list.

But what if peace isn’t what you thought it was? 
What if peace isn’t a feeling.

The Scriptures say more than a feeling, peace is actually a state of life — even when you’re not really feeling it or even feeling anxious. It's weird. It seems paradoxical. But that’s what peace is: the word for it in Scriptures is shalom. Wholeness. Fullness. A state of absolute completeness. Believe it or not, in Christ, that is our actual state - right now, today. But it doesn’t "feel" like it, right?

We agree, but if we think its worth living out of this peace.

So how do we live our lives oriented towards this kind of peace? That’s what this sermon series is trying to answer. 
Come check it out.