// A   N E W   S E R M O N   S E R I E S //

In our last sermon series – Brought to Light – A study in the Gospel of John Part 1, we focused extensively on what Jesus had come to do, the exciting MIRACLES as Jesus moved from town to town. While there was some teaching, the narrative was more about the demonstration of His power through supernatural wonder and deed.

While earlier Jesus worked mostly in secret. 
Now He’s seen operating in public and creating a lot of controversy. 
People don’t know what to make of Him. Some don’t like Him - saying He is evil, deceiving others, insulting God while others love Him - saying He is a good man, a healer and a Messiah. 
Also, now Jesus is making claims about Himself that many don’t know what to do with.

You too might find your self on either side of the fence. But, this isn’t just about choosing a religion. 
Its never been. 
In every aspect of our lives, we are either for Jesus or against Him.

//A House Undivided//
is attempting to get us to answer this question: 
- Am I for Him or am I against Him? 
- What does it mean to be for him? What does it mean to be against him?
- Am I prepared to make the choice, knowing that I have to pick one or the other.

Join us on Sunday at 11 as we hear, seek and answer together!