Part 3 of our new series! 

//Stars and Treasures//

On a cold and beautiful night, Jesus, the Saviour of the World, was born in little Bethlehem. 
Somewhere in the east, wise men saw a star - a sign - and followed it to find Jesus, God born amongst men and women, and worshipped Him with praise and treasure.

We could all use a star to tell us where we need to go, and we all have treasures that we possess or that we deeply long for. 

Christmas is the season to celebrate what God has done. The God of the heavens is born amongst us. 

Come discover who this Jesus really is - what He was born to do, what He was born to become - and why that means the world to you and me. 
Come discover what these stars and treasures really are in your life as we all journey to understand who God is just a bit more day by day.

Sundays at 11 am