Wonderful people of Avatar!
Once again, you can smell the excitement in the air and you know that -- Avatar Retreat 2016 is upon us!

Saturday 3rd September to Monday 5th September; we will ‘retreat’ to a new venue – ‘The Resort’ Aksa Beach.
******** Our plan is to start the retreat on the morning of the 3rd and finish up after lunch together on the 5th. Mark ye calendars! ***********

These 2 and a half days are all about family, fun, worship, relationships, community, resting and hearing from God. 
And that’s a pretty good list of things we are about to do, right! 

Theme for 2016 ******Awakening Holiness ******* 

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind, when you hear the phrase ‘God is Holy’ 
Are you secured or scared, feel uncomfortable or condemned or maybe even indifferent? 
There are a lot of things the bible tells us about God being and Holy is one of them. We believe, when God says. ‘Be Holy, for I am Holy’, He is calling out something, that He himself placed in us. We believe that as we get together and let go of our ideas about God and about us, God will reveal his holiness in us and through us. So join us and awaken a truth that can truly set you free. 

******* So, if haven’t registered yet********* 
Link: http://bit.ly/AvatarRetreat2016
(6 seconds that’s all it takes)

Its super important to register because it will help us make the required arrangements for you. 

Here are the costs for the rooms:
Single Occupancy 12000/person for 2 days
Double Occupancy 6500/person for 2 days
Triple Occupancy 5333/person for 2 days
Kids between the age of 5-12 4000 for 2 days
Complementary stay for kids below 5 years of age

For the payments, please call/meet with Bernie Bakhru / Jimit Mehta  ASAP/at the Sunday Service. 
Please Remember: You being there is most important, so don’t let the costs discourage you from coming. Some scholarships are available, please message Jimit ASAP. 

We also know that some of you may find it difficult to take a leave on that Monday the 5th. We ask that you try and do so early if you can because you just HAVE to be there!!! 
If you think that you won’t be missed, THINK AGAIN!

Get excited and expect great things from a Great God!
Hope to see all of you there!