Hello wonderful people!
Its time for our last raintrek for the year 2016.

Where: This time we are trekking to Bhivpuri, and the keywords are "the Waterfalls, the Hills and a Lake"

Travel: We will all be meeting at Dadar station at 6am, and catching the 6:15am fast train towards Karjat. 
Please be on Platform 4, Central Line of Dadar Station at 6am, towards the rear of the platform, next to the Juice Shop, as we will be getting into the 3rd and 4th last coaches of the train.

Ticket: If you have to book your tickets at Dadar station, do kindly come 15-20 minutes earlier as there will likely be a line for buying the tickets.
Pls book your return tickets from wherever you are joining us, till Bhivpuri Road station. Return Ticket prices from Dadar to Bhivpuri Road are around INR 400/- for First Class and INR 70/- for Second Class travel.

We will arrive at Bhivpuri Road, at 8am in the morning, and start trekking from there. 
We expect to catch the return train at 4:30/5:30pm, and will be back at Dadar by 6/7pm latest.

What to carry: Food for breakfast, lunch and snacks. 
Bottled water and packaged biscuits/snacks can be purchased outside Bhivpuri Station, as we start the trek.

Suggested footwear : Do wear fastenable sandals, or sneakers for the trek. Kindly do not wear slippers/non-fastenable sandals, as they may come loose/float off in the water.

We will be trekking for a total around 10-12 km, but there will be multiple breaks/rests at the waterfalls and lake, as well as the uphill trek.

Expert Tip:

- Do bring a sealable plastic bag for your mobile phone and money.
- If you are bringing a bag, do bring a backpack style bag, so that you will have both your hands free, as we trek.
- Do bring sufficient money for travel and incidental expenses. I would suggest INR 1000/- per person.

Looking forward to having you all join us, and have a fun-filled trek.