Our Core Values

Six Core Values Drive Everything We Do.



Gospel Centered

Consistently remembering that it is experiencing the love and grace of God - and not our own skill and ability - which causes us to act more like Jesus.


Engaged Community Living

Living life together and experiencing God together. Acting not just like a community, but like a team, sharing in the successes and failures of one another.  



Communion Focused

Understanding that worship and prayer move God and asking Him to bring love, hope and mercy to Mumbai.


Movement Minded 

Collaborating with other communities and groups that are committed to working for the peace and prosperity of Mumbai through the gospel. 



Culture Renewing

Living with the realisation that God intended for all of work, play and life to be a worshipful experience that will eventually transform and renew culture around a gospel community.   



Outward Faced

Consistently being open, seeking to involve new people, make new friends, and tell people in our city how Jesus has changed our lives.